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Phone Tree Information
If you want to receive reports of crimes, lost/found pets, and important announcements, be sure your phone number is registered to receive our phone tree broadcasts. If you are the victim of a crime, please give Susan the pertinent information so other neighbors may be warned. To register for the service or to submit information for the phone tree contact Susan at 225-978-7136 (cell, preferred),, or 225-248-0889 (home). If you are unable to reach Susan three other board members are able to access the system: Janis Kile (225-933-8673), Katherine Creed Gold, & John Pray

Since the last newsletter, we have added approximately 18 phone numbers to our phone tree list and have removed several disconnected numbers. The phone tree currently has 437 numbers.  Replay line: When you receive a call from our phone tree, the call will be identified as coming from 877-565-8456. Your phone company might incorrectly be giving that toll-free number the name of some business. If you call that number from a phone that is registered in our system within 10 days you will hear a replay of the most recent message.

If there are background noises when you answer the call (such as barking dogs, loud TV), the system’s message to you might become garbled. Also, we limit use of the phone tree to reports of crimes, emergencies, lost animals, found pets (if the person who has found the pet is willing to keep the animal in their possession for a period of time), and important civic association events and announcements.

The phone tree may not be used for political messages or to sell services or items. 

If you move or otherwise decide you no longer want to receive the voice broadcasts, please ask Susan to remove your number(s) from the system. You also may “opt out” by pressing the appropriate button at the conclusion of the broadcast. 

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