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Crime Prevention District Update
Thank you to the residents who wrote cards and letters to our security detail after the heartbreaking loss of three law enforcement officers and the injuries of two others. The deputies really appreciated the show of support. We have special residents.  We had a quiet summer except for some car burglaries- which are totally preventable. I know the sewer project is trying for residents at the back of WPP, but I do think it is helping our security. Anyone casing our neighborhood would hesitate with the roads closed, and the detail has a much smaller footprint to
patrol so their visibility is enhanced.

We still receive complaints about speeding, teenagers revving car engines, drivers ignoring stop signs and loose dogs. These issues are easily fixed if everyone takes responsibility for their actions and follows the city-parish ordinances. We will have radar running in the month of October. Forewarned is fairwarned. Regarding your pets- PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ANIMALS HAVE ID TAGS! I appreciate all of your calls to help keep us informed of issues so that we can communicate to the appropriate city parish department.

- Dawnette Shelton

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