annual events

In addition to the information in the interactive calendar, here's a short listing of some of the events we have each year:

Luminary Sales and Displays:
You know it's Christmas time when you drive down our streets and the sidewalks are lined with the twinkling of candle luminaries.  These paper bags are anchored with sand and contain candles which are sold as a set throughout the neighborhood the day of the event.  It's a fun time when W/PP neighbors share eggnog and visitors from neighboring subdivisions drive through our streets admiring our holiday cheer.

Swimming Pool Opening:
When school's out, the water's warm.  When you see the neighborhood kids riding their bikes wearing only swimsuits with a towel flapping in the wind as they pedal as fast as they can down the street, it's summertime! Children and parents alike look forward to the annual opening of the neighborhood pool.  For the exact day each year, check the neighborhood online calendarMembership is required for pool participation.

Swim Team Registrations:
See our pool membership page.

4th of July Social:
Information coming soon.

Santa (Christmas) Parade:
There comes a time of year when Santa gives Rudolph's light a break and instead turns to the flashing sirens of the St. George Fire Department to guide him through the streets.  W/PP children look forward to hearing the sirens of the fire trucks making their way through the neighborhood and run out to wave to Santa as he drives by with a Ho! Ho! Ho!  Parents look forward to hearing the sirens because it's a reminder of how blessed they are to have their family protected by the brave men of the St. George Fire Department so close by.

Board Meetings:
The W/PP Civic Association Board meets on the 3rd Monday of each month to discuss the ever-evolving issues that concern our neighbor's well-being.   From reviewing security reports, membership and financial standings, beautification, serving the community, and planning upcoming events, there's plenty for any involved resident to discuss.  If you're interested in joining the board, let us know, we're always looking for energetic individuals.

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